The Printer’s Devil – Titivillus Rosé

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RR Elite Wines are proud to announce that the new Printer’s Devil Range is now available to purchase in the United Kingdom exclusively from our website

We are the United Kingdoms Sole importer for this range of wines

The range is inspired by our owner’s humble beginning in the printing industry. A printer’s devil was an apprentice (typically a young boy) in a printing establishment who performed a number of tasks, such as mixing tubs of ink and fetching type. Over the years he has been referred to as Belphegor, Gremlin and Titivillus, after which the wines in this unique range have been named. These wines symbolize the fanciful belief among printers that a special devil haunted every print shop, performing mischief such as misspelling words and removing an entire line of completed type.

Made from one of the only Grenache noir vineyards in Franschhoek and also one of the longest standing vineyards Rickety Bridge has worked with. We have been making wine from this vineyard for the past 11 years an this is the first time this wine was bottled separately.

Bring your bottle to life…

The Rickety Bridge app brings the wine labels to life! (Available on IOS and Android for compatible Smartphones and Tablets)

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The Printer’s Devil range reveals the legend that inhabits every print shop around the world. The blame for mishaps that occur in the process of printing is always laid at the feet of this special devil…..usually the printers apprentice!

You will be transported to the world of the print shop and meet the printer’s devil himself. Explore each of the wine Augmented Reality experiences for objects you can interact with.

The three wines of the Printer’s Devil range, Belphagor, The Gremlin and Titivillus all have their own Augmented Reality to enhance the enjoyment of these unique wines

Once you have downloaded this free application, select which wine Augmented Reality program you would like to see and point your device at the label in good light.

Most importantly…….enjoy the wine!

Limited Edition

Only 1554 bottles were produced.

Downloads (Tasting Notes)

The Printers Devil Rose 2018

The Printers Devil Rose 2017


  • 3 stars John Platter Wine Guide 2021 (2019 Vintage)
  • Rosé Rocks – Gold Award 2019 (2018 Vintage)